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مجهز به کارگاه های تخصصیساخت و تولید
کارگاه های تخصصی بهره ور ماشین به تازه ترین تجهیزات ساخت و تولید مجهز شده اند و امکان تولید همه قطعات ماشین آلات در این کارگاه ها فراهم شده است.
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Case Packer

model: CP-10-D

This machine packs the products in a complete carton and it is able to pack up more than 10 boxes per minute as well. Case packer machine is manufactured & supplied in 2 models:
pick & place

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model: DP-250-J

De-palletizer uses in large factories, such as food industries, that their capacity is more than 6,000 products per hour to provide glass or can, for packing the products.

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model: PT-420-2D

This machine is designed for automatic configuration & intelligent packaging product used at the end of production lines in different factories. Special features of this machine is using a gripper with PICK & PLACE mechanism and it provides the exact picking up of carton product on palette. 

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Tray Packer

model: TR-11-P

This machine implements the process of construction and forming a half-carton completely. Transferring the product into the half-cartons is the second function of this machine. These two processes significantly reduces the labor costs in packing process for large factories.

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Water disinfection

model: ST-200

this device with 8 UV lamps is able to be installed in water piping , with no interruption & delay in using, make the water disinfect.

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full automatic valves testing

model: VT-300-D

this machine is necessary for the production of industrial valves factories & control process, ensure of design quality, construction assembly fir some industrial valves consumers like refineries & petroleum & petrochemical industries, correct performance & valves periodic testing are significantly important.

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کوره تونلی

model: TR-11-P

طول و دهانه کوره تونل با توجه به فرایند حرارتی تعریف شده متفاوت بوده و به ابعاد مورد نیاز قابل ارائه است. در این کوره محصول توسط واگن های ویژه به داخل دستگاه انتقال می یابد. کوره دارای یک استراکچر فولادی و بدنه دو جداره از جنس آجرهای نسوز ، عایق حرارتی با ضخامت مناسب (الیاف سرامیک) و کاور یا بدنه نمای کوره است. کاور یا نمای کوره نیز از درب های کشوئی فولادی که امکان دسترسی و بازدید بدنه را تسهیل می نماید ساخته شده است.

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Cabinet furnace (shuttle)

model: KS-15-C

the furnace is designed & built like a cabin. One or more wagons transfer the products into the device. The furnace has a steel structure & the double hull is of alumina refractory bricks.

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Chemical reactor

کد مدل: RC-700-H2

This machine with 130 litter’s capability is built and designed for chemical process in a different temperature places. The body is made of a special super alloy that makes it corrosion resistant and acids resistant specially hydrochloric acid vapors.

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Air lift machine

model: WS-250-L

this machine is used for cleaning up & filtering the gases & emissions. This filters are based on passing the gases through water or special liquids, & in this different some of the components of the gas mixtures are combined with water & it will dissolve , the remaining gases are completely safe & are capable to recycle or can be released into the atmosphere with no environmental concerns.

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Our goal: our experts & specialists in(bahrevar machine)in specialized research & designing groups, manufacturing & installing groups gathered a full set of technical services workers & managers to increase the efficiency of production lines.


Research & design

Our experts in (bahrevar) group after every order start researches & designing. this process take place for the costumers needs & understanding the functional features of final product & reviewing the international experiences.
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Bahrevar machine manufacturing team with a manufacturing equipped workshops & experienced experts & technicians receive datasheet deigned by design group & in accordance with the specified schedule, start the manufacturing & assembling.
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Installation & operation

After construction stage & workshop tests, the transportation & installation of equipment at the project site will start. This section is very important & professional, especially when the equipments are a port of a production line.
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The Five principles

Alborz Bahrevar Machine